This is the blog I turn to when I’m super angsty. I haven’t posted for about a week so everything is going okay. :D :D :D

Probably losing muscle and gaining fat..but still, those scales are useless to me.

Does solid exercising fours days in the week.
Eats chocolate and chips all week.

I worry that sometimes the people who take a while to reply to me feel the same way about me as I feel about the people I take a while to reply to.

*does something outrageous to get notes*

It’s fucking t shirt weather.

omg I feel like hillary duff talking to a cute guy

On high rotation.

When someone you want to talk to replies straight away. Best feeling.

I decided I’m always going to take the chance. It’s better than not trying at all. If I fail I will do so knowing that at least I took the path I wanted to take.

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